A simple toll for Raphanus sativus L peroxidase purification and concentration by precipitation with polyacrylate

Author(s): NadiaWoitovichValetti, Caren Rausch, Guillermo Picó

We present an economical and environmentally-friendly method in which peroxidase fromRaphanus sativus L (wild radish) is separated froma crude extract by precipitation with polyacrylate, a commercially available negatively-charged weak polyelectrolyte. Peroxidase was precipitated by adding polyacrylate at pH 4.00 to the extract. Under these conditions, the enzyme is positively charged and forms non-soluble complexes with the negatively charged polyacrylate. The purification factor of peroxidase was 1.8 with a enzyme recovery of 60%. The volume of the final product was decreased to 10%of the initial feedstock in order to concentrate the sample up to 10 times.

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