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A simple and improved regioselective brominations of aromatic compounds using o-xylylenebis (triphenylphosphonium) peroxodisulfate

Author(s): Mehdi Forouzani, Mahmood Tajbakhsh, Farhad Ramzanian-Lehmali, Yaser Kamel, Hassan Ghasemnejad-Bosra

Direct bromination of a wide range of aromatic compounds with electron donating groups such as methoxy, hydroxy, or amino groups have been achieved with high regioselectivity and excellent yields with Br2 in the presence of o-xylylenebis (triphenylphosphonium)peroxodisulfate (OXTPPPODS) undermild reaction in acetonitrile . The use of lithiumbromide as a bromination reagent afforded high yields of monobromo compounds with complete regioselectivity under neutral conditions in acetonitrile.

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