A responsibility assigning method based on social network analysis model for non-profit government investment projects

Author(s): Yunna Wu, Jinying Zhang, Yuanxin Liu, Yisheng Yang, Yue Zhao

As non-profit government investment projects(NGIP) develops in china, responsibility problems become more and more serious. NGIP always involving millions of dollars of the taxpayers, so it is significantly important to find out who is to blame when losses happen. To solve the problem, we establish the framework of NGIP responsibility assignment. Previous literatures put emphasis on responsibility mechanism, and little quantitative research concerning this area. To our best knowledge, research on responsibility distribution framework of NGIP has not yet to be found. In the framework, the social network analysis model is built to determine the responsible party through the network diagram and the relationship between matrix. Following this, a case of China is studied, proved the validation and effectiveness of the proposed method. This study provides a new way for NGIP responsibility assignment and a theoretical and methodological reference for the government

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