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A real-time causal order delivery approach in largescale DVE systems

Author(s): Zhongli Liu, Hangjun Zhou, Sha Fu, Guang Sun, Wei Zou

The aim of a Distributed Virtual Environment (DVE) system is to simulate the scenarios of the real world and offer the sufficient fidelity with real-time property. However, as more and more large-scale DVE systems applied on asynchronous Wide Area Network (WAN), the traditional causal order control methods could not function well due to the large and dynamic network transmission latency, therefore, how to maintain the causality of events in real time becomes the new challenge of this research field. In this article, a novel event ordering control method is proposed based on the message transmission time interval and event arrival time range calculation. This approach provides algorithms and procedures to effectively select the causal control information dynamically adapted to the network latency and irrelevant to the computing node scale. The evaluation results of groups of experiments demonstrate that the approach is more efficient in preserving causal order delivery of events in large-scale networks, and in the meanwhile, meets the realtime constraint of a DVE.

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