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A proposal research on energy-saving of gantry crane

Author(s): Liu Haiwei, Mi Weijian, Tan Chong

Construction machinery and equipment recently have been developed to be more energysaving, however, wasting energy and low efficiency in gantry crane have become increasingly prominent. Therefore, based on existing energy-saving technology, this paper proposed an intelligent guided energy-saving method for gantry crane in terms of operation process. This method can automatically detect the optimal luffing position in the process of goods falling down to precisely direct drivers’ operation so that electrical energy generated in the falling process can be used for the luffing of gantry crane to achieve energy saving. To verify this method, MATLAB/Simulinkis used to obtain a simulation platform for the whole system. According to the analysis of the simulation results, this method is demonstrated that it can significantly reduce the energy consumption of gantry crane under the best experiment condition.

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