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A pragmatic study of the reporting of negative news

Author(s): Tang Hongmei

This paper mainly presents the bases for the topic “a pragmatic analysis of the reporting of negative news”, which is one of the series of topics related with pragmatic analysis of fake news and negative news. Six parts are involved, Section 1 is the introduction, in this part, theoretical and practical significance of the topic is introduced. The focus of Section 2 is on necessity of the research. Section 3, through the description of the literature review of this study, and the lack of analysis of negative news from the perspective of pragmatics, especially that of Grice’s cooperative principle, this article aims to explain clearly the bases for the selected topic. Section 4 discusses the originality. Section 5 deals with the difficulty of the selected topic and its feasibility as well. Finally, Section 6 serves as conclusion. The research reveals that it is worthwhile to make a pragmatic study of the reporting of negative news.

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Table of Contents

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