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A new wave energy generation system based on vibration theory

Author(s): Yangang Wang, Xinghua Tong, Linsen Zhu, Yong Liu

Buoy-rope-sheave wave generation system is a new type floating and point absorbing wave energy generation system. Getting higher energy conversion efficiency and seeking the best damping coefficient are the important aspect of this paper. First, equation of buoy motion was established based on linear theory, harmonic vibration theory and viscous damping. The natural frequency and damping ratio was got from equation of motion. Then, the equation of motion was analyzed in frequency domain. The relation of damping coefficient and amplitude was got. Numerical calculation and optimization were taken for wave energy conversion using th`e relationship of energy dissipation in harmonic vibration. Finally, the result was verified by hydrodynamics software—AQWA, and the best damping coefficient was got. Results of numerical calculation and simulation basically consistent and damping coefficient was equal to 18000N ⋅ s / m. The above theoretical analysis and simulation can be used to different buoys in different sea conditions, and it provides theoretical references for designing and manufacturing buoyrope- sheave wave generation system.

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