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A kinematic calibration method and its application to eva spacesuit mobility measuring mechanical arm

Author(s): Jian Wen, Junguo Zhang, Lin Gao, Xinlei Li

A space suit mobility measuring mechanical arm was developed to test astronauts’ capabilities in space-suited extravehicular activity (EVA). The equipment is based on combined coordinate measuring mechanical arm (CCMMA) to measure the space region coordinate of astronauts’ reach envelope and work envelope. For improving measurement precision, the distance error model of CCMMA was set up on the basis of Modified Denavit-Hartenberg (MDH). A kinematic calibration method was presented on the basis of Genetic Simulated Annealing Algorithm (GSAA). Calibration experiments were carried on using the method. Results prove the effectiveness of the method and the improvement of accuracy to the equipment.

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