A diagnostic study on proton exchange membrane fuel cell gas starvation based on wavelet analysis and harmonic theory

Author(s): Pei Fenglai, Wang Nan, Zhou Su

By the Gambit & Fluent software platform, the research has established a 3D (threedimensional) diagnostic PEMFC distributed parameter model. On this basis, through the UDF (user-defined functions), the faults of gas starvations in anode, cathode and both side, and the dynamic boundary conditions have been added. Additionally, under the different faults, the simulation experiments of PEMFC were carried out. Further, based on the output stack voltages and using two different methods of wavelet analysis (Morlet and Daubechies) and harmonic analysis (mainly using the Total Harmonic Distortion Analysis, THDA) respectively, the insufficient gas supply faults separately in anode, cathode and both side are recognized and classified

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