A case study on building web3D virtual reality and GPS applications to ubiquitous network and joyful learning environment

Author(s): Koun-Tem Sun, Hsin-Te Chan

The study constructs joyful Web 3D virtual situational learning materials with the perspectives of learners, and takes Tainan Confucian Temple as an example to allow the learners to learn and experience freely in virtual reality. The joyful learning environment is presented in the virtual situation through vivid text, sound, a guided picture tour, and a game-like learning mechanism. Different from the passive “knowledge giving model” in the past virtual situational learning system, the “joyful learning component” is integrated into the virtual situation to change knowledge imparting from“passive” to “active” to effectively enhance the learning motivation of learners and improve their learning effectiveness. Finally, grade 5 students are applied as the experimental subjects in the study analysis focusing on the satisfaction of learning system application and the significance difference of the learning result before and after the system is applied. The study result shows that the application of a joyful virtual situation can indeed achieve the same effectiveness of on-site experimental learning.

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