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8-Fluoro-1-Benzosuberone: An Efficient Key Precursor for Novel Synthesized Poly functionally Fluro Substituted Benzo[b]Cycloheptan-5-one Derivatives as Potential Anti-tumor Agents.

Author(s): W A Gad

A number of pyrimidine (3a-c), pyrazole (4c-e), pyrane (5a-e), pyridine (6a, b), (9), thiole(7a,b) and ylidine malononitrile derivatives (8) were prepared using 8-fluoro-1-benzosuberone (1) as a starting material. The structures of the novel synthesized products were elucidated based on their microanalyses and spectroscopic data. Finally, the bioactivities of some of the new compounds as antitumor agents against three cell lines of human cancer (breast, colon and prostate) were examined

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