110m hurdle performance influence factors spss significance test and application based on multiple linear regressions

Author(s): Guanghong Liu

To take China men’s 110m hurdle to the next level, it is very necessary to make analysis and research on hurdlers’110 hurdles race performance. To define influence factor significance to total performance, it appliesmultiple linear regression, analyzing hurdlers’110m hurdle total performance significance with starting to the first hurdle, hurdle step flight, three steps stride between hurdles, final spurt, utilize SPSS making unknown parameters estimation and significance test. To define four influence factors and total performance relationships, it establishes grey correlation degree model. At last, respectively horizontally and vertically analyze hurdlers’ performance and stability, applies mathematical statistical knowledge comprehensively comparing hurdler LiuXiang and Johnson,Olijars striding time and speed average value, standard deviation. Research shows that hurdlers’ performance improvement direction is keeping final spurt advantage, improving hurdle step flight and three steps striding between hurdles speed. It suggests to effective control gravity when hurdling, increase maximum speed between hurdles and keep fast speed capacity, and speed up stride between hurdles’ rhythm so as to ensure effective raise speed

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