100m Performance and long jump technical level playing linear regression analysis based on MATLAB

Author(s): Bing Zhang, Xuefeng Cao, Ziwen Wang, Weiqi Jiang, Qiwen Wang

In athletics events, long jump gives human race run and jump comprehensive combination wonderful exhibition, its influence factors mainly are technique, psychology, physical quality, competition environment and so on, while technical aspect factor accounts for large proportions, from which 100m performance has an important effect on athlete speed and legs strength so that affects long jump performance, therefore improve long jumpersÂ’ 100m performance and final 10s speed as well as soaring speed is the key to improve long jump run-up accuracy. In order to research 100mperformance exact effects on long jump, this paper adopts unary linear regression analysis to research on 100m performance and corresponding long jump performance.Utilizemultiple linear regression models to make research on final 10 seconds speed and soaring speed two great key factors, it gets good conclusions that provides references for long jump teaching and training

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