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There has been expanded worry during the previous scarcely any decades over the job bacterial biofilms play in causing an assortment of medical issues, particularly since they show a serious extent of protection from anti-microbials and can get by in antagonistic situations. Biofilms comprise of bacterial totals encompassed by a self-delivered framework connected to the surface. Ca2+ particles advance the arrangement of biofilms, and improve their security, consistency, and quality. Bisphosphonates show a high liking for Ca2+ particles, and may hinder the development of biofilms by going about as sequestering specialists for Ca2+ particles. Despite the fact that the antibacterial movement of bisphosphonates is notable, investigation into their enemy of biofilm conduct is still in its beginning times. In this examination, we portray the blend of another meager covering made out of poly (styryl bisphosphonate) joined onto oxidized polypropylene films for antibiofilm applications. This joining procedure was performed by unite polymerization of styryl bisphosphonate vinylic monomer onto O2 plasma-rewarded polypropylene films. The surface adjustment of the polypropylene films was affirmed utilizing surface estimations, including X-beam photoelectron spectroscopy, nuclear power microscopy, and water contact point goniometry. Critical hindrance of biofilm development was accomplished for both Gram-negative and Gram-positive microorganisms. 

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