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Early Blight

 Early scourge can be brought about by two diverse firmly related organisms, Alternaria tomatophila and Alternaria solani. Alternaria tomatophila is more destructive on tomato than A. solani, so in locales where A. tomatophila is discovered, it is the essential driver of early curse on tomato. Notwithstanding, if A. tomatophila is missing, A. solani will cause early curse on tomato. 

  The two pathogens can likewise contaminate potato, albeit A. solani is bound to cause potato early scourge than A. tomatophila. The two pathogens can likewise contaminate eggplant and a few Solanaceous weeds including dark nightshade (Solanum ptycanthum), and bushy nightshade (Solanum physalifolium)    At first, little dim spots structure on more established foliage close to the ground.    Leaf spots are round, brown and can grow up to half crawl in distance across.    Bigger spots have target-like concentric rings. The tissue around spots regularly turns yellow.    Seriously contaminated leaves turn earthy colored and tumble off, or dead, dried leaves may stick to the stem.    Seedling stems are contaminated at or simply over the dirt line. The stem turns earthy colored, depressed and dry (neckline decay).    On the off chance that the contamination supports the stem, the seedling shrinks and kicks the bucket.    Stem diseases on more established plants are oval to unpredictable, dry earthy colored territories with dim earthy colored concentric rings.

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