The potato is a root vegetable local to the Americas, a dull tuber of the plant Solanum tuberosum, and the plant itself, an enduring in the family Solanaceae. Wild potato species, beginning in advanced Peru, can be found all through the Americas, from the United States to southern Chile. The potato was initially accepted to have been tamed by indigenous people groups of the Americas freely in numerous areas, yet later hereditary testing of the wide assortment of cultivars and wild species followed a solitary starting point for potatoes. In the region of present-day southern Peru and outrageous northwestern Bolivia, from an animal groups in the Solanum brevicaule complex, potatoes were tamed around 7,000–10,000 years prior. In the Andes area of South America, where the species is indigenous, some nearby family members of the potato are developed. Potatoes were acquainted with Europe from the Americas in the second 50% of the sixteenth century by the Spanish. Today they are a staple food in numerous pieces of the world and a necessary piece of a great part of the world's food flexibly. Starting at 2014, potatoes were the world's fourth-biggest food crop after maize (corn), wheat, and rice. The significance of the potato as a food source and culinary fixing shifts by district is as yet evolving. It stays a basic yield in Europe, particularly Northern and Eastern Europe, where per capita creation is as yet the most elevated on the planet, while the most quick development underway in the course of recent decades has happened in southern and eastern Asia, with China and India driving the world in general creation starting at 2018.

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