Utilization of the ideal composition of mercuric-thiocynate absorbing system for spectrophotometric determination of chloride ion through measurement of permittance

Author(s): Shivaji R.Labhade, Vishwas B.Gaikwad

A simple, sensitive, precise and rapid analytical method has been proposed for indirect spectrophotometric determination of chloride. The extent of absorbance quenching capacity of chloride towards different compositions ofmercuric-thiocynate reagent and the linearity of permittance against concentration are the parameters tested in search of the best composition of reagent. The reactions of chloride ion with 1:1 [Hg-SCN]+ absorbing reagent are investigated and method is examined for determination of chloride at 263nm.Average values of permittance coefficient, relative error and RSD for quantitation of chloride in the range of 2.0x10-4g to 1.8x10-3g are found 4.3917 lit.g-1cm-1, 0.198% and 0.4725% respectively. The effects of concentration of mercuric and thiocynate ions on the analytical performance of themethod are studied. The limit of determination of chloride with the variable volumes of reagent is determined. Feasibility of the method furthermore tested for estimation of chloride in standard solutions of hydrochloric acid, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, synthetic mixture of anions and cations. The average accuracy is found good, which is evaluated by comparison of the results obtained with those claimed by standards. Ions like H+, NH4 +, Li+, Na+, K+, Ca+2,Mg+2, Sr+2, Ba+2,Mn+2, Zn+2, SO4 -2, CO3 -2, F- ,CH3COO-, HPO4 -2 do not show interference while ions such as Bi+3, Ag+, C2O4 -2, NO2 -, Br-, I-, S2O4 -2, and S-2 showed interference in determination of chloride by this method.

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