The soil quality assessment with reference to selected parameters of farmlands in Pune region, Maharashtra

Author(s): P.D.Trimbake, R.Singh, M.P.Rane, T.S.Ghorpade, A.V.Mane, G.R.Pathade

The soils provide the starting point for successful agriculture. Rapid increase in human population has increased the stress on natural resources, including the soil. Soil degradation influences agricultural production and also adversely affects other interrelated natural resources. Urban soils can present significant challenges for an urban farmer. Soil contaminants are more prevalent in the urban environment than rural one. Hence the present investigation was carried out to assess the soil quality for the selected parameters. For five urban farmlands which were selected for the sampling of the soils namely Agriculture College, Wakdewadi, Khadki, Chinchwad and Khadkwasala regions of the Pune city. Soil pH of all the selected sites was found to be slightly alkaline in nature. Electrical conductivitywas highest in sample S2 i.e. 218.83 µS while the minimum of 157.89 µS in sample S5. Total dissolved solids content was observed to be highest viz. 115.64 ppm in sample S5while itwasminimumof 98.26 ppmin sample S1.Maximumvalue for organic carbon content observed was 1.24 % in S4 sample while it was minimum at control site with a value of 0.66%. Highest value for nitrogen was observed in S4 viz. 0.47% while it was minimum of 0.25% in S3. The details of the remaining parameters are discussed in further paper.

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