The role of Khejri in indigenous agroforestry systems of Thar Desert

Author(s): Jabrinder Singh, Mukul Bishnoi

A detailed study cum survey was conducted in the dry zones of Thar Desert to assess the role of Khejri in traditional agroforestry systems prevailing in these agroclimatic zones. Atotal of 08 villages in Mahender garh, Bhiwani, Hisar and Fatehabad districts of Haryana state of India were selected to explore the questionnaire regarding Khejri based agroforestry. Based on the above survey and questionnaire, it can be concluded that Khejri tree plays a vital role in sustainable agroforestry practices in arid zones of Thar Desert. It provides valuable products to the tillers and enhances the productivity of crops grown in its vicinity. Hence to practice sustainable agriculture in arid zones, this indigenous multipurpose tree species should be conserved and promoted in modern agroforestry systems.

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