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The Development of a Mathematical Model of Nickel Release Analysis from Alloy Products

Author(s): Feifei Xu, Shilei Jiang, Mingqing Chai and Jingke Zhu

We present a mathematical model to predict the amount of released nickel from Ni-Zn-Cu alloy products as a function of the amount of nickel content, the immersion time and the temperature. This mathematical model is developed based on orthogonal test and regression analysis. The validity of this model has been verified with up to 120 samples. The relative standard deviation (RSD) and the mean relative error (MRE) are only 7.31% and 7.62%, respectively. The development of this mathematical model will provide a fast and quantitative prediction of the amount of released nickel, with a reasonable accuracy. This model may, therefore, serve as a general guideline in the estimation of nickel release from Ni-Zn-Cu alloy products.

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