Synthesis of nanocrystalline -Al2O3 for solid phase extraction of cadmium and flame atomic absorption determination

Author(s): Jalal Hassan, Solmaz Mirza, Neda Sheijooni Fumani, Mehran Rezai

In this paper, mesoporous nanocryatalline -Al2O3 with high surface area was synthesized with a facile synthesis method and employed as column sorbent for extracting trace amount of cadmium. The synthesized -Al2O3 showed high surface area (491 m2 g-1) with a particle size of around 3 nm. The effect of various parameters such as pH, sample flow rate, type and amount of solvent, and the effect of foreign ions were investigated. For this purpose, a sample volume containing a small amount of cadmiumwith pH = 7-7.5 was passed through a microcolumn packed with nanocrystalline - Al2O3 and the retained cadmiumwas washed with 2.0 mL of nitric acid (0.5 mol L-1) and determined with flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The dynamic linear range of method was between 1.0-15.0 and the detection limit ofmethodwas 0.16 µg L-1. Thismethod has been successfully used for evaluating and measuring of cadmium in the real samples.

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