Study on the adsorption of lead(II)in wastewater by hazelnut shell powder

Author(s): Linlin Lv, Xiaojun Jiang, HangWu, Tian Ai

In order to study the adsorption mechanism of hazelnut shell powder on Pb2+,This work studied on kinetic adsorption properties and isothermal adsorption property of Pb2+ in hazelnut shell powder, and the thermodynamic analysis was carried out. The results show that the Pseudosecond- order model is suitable for the adsorption of Pb2+ on HS, the maximum adsorption capacity obtained by Langmuir model is very close to the actual value, and maximum adsorption capacities were 65.66mg/g. The process of hazelnut shell powder adsorbent of Pb2+ was an exothermic process.

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