Studies on the solid waste management of high density polyethylene (HDPE) waste materials through recycling

Author(s): Linus O.Asuquo, Ihom P.Aondona

Studies on the solid waste management of HDPE waste materials through recycling have been under taken. Test specimens using virgin HDPE pellets (VHDPE), waste HDPE materials (TRHDPE) and 1:10 blend of the virgin HDPEwith thewaste HDPEmaterial labeledVRHDPEwere prepared using extrusion blowing machine. The test specimens were subjected to flexural test, tensile test, impact test and water absorption test according toASTM standard. The results revealed that the virgin HDPE specimen had better mechanical properties than the other two specimens. That notwithstanding the recycled plastic TRHDPE had impact breaking energy of 3.62 J which is within acceptable range of 2 - 18 J for the toughness of HDPE plastic. The deformation pattern of the TRHDPE plastic for flexural and tensile tests is also similar to that of the virgin HDPE and VRHDPE plastics. The results have shown that recycling could be an appropriate and beneficial route for solid waste management of high density polyethylene.

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