Stress degradation monitoring of arbidol by HPTLC method

Author(s): M.C.Damle, S.A.Phadtare, H.D.Raskar, K.G.Gadge, Ratnakar Mehendre, K.G.Bothara

A simple stability-indicting high performance thin layer chromatographic method of analysis ofArbidol as a bulk drug was developed and validated. Themethod employed TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) aluminumplates pre-coated with silica gel 60 F254 as the stationary phase. The solvent system consisted of Methanol: Chloroform: Gl. Acetic acid. This system was found to give compact bands forArbidol (Rf 0.20±0.03). Densitometric analysis ofArbidolwas carried out in the absorbancemode at 254 nmand 315nm. Linear regression analysis data for the calibration spots showed good relationship with regression coefficient r2 = 0.9973 in the range of 400-2000 ng/ band. The limits of detection and quantitationwere 35 ng/ band and 106 ng/ band respectively. Stress degradation studies were carried out as per ICH guidelines. There was no interference at the peak for Arbidol as confirmed fromthe peak purity profile.

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