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Stability Indicating RP-HPLC for Simultaneous Estimation of Metoprolol and Ranolazine and Quantification in Marketed Formulations

Author(s): Vennapu DR and Palled MS

A simple, rapid, precise and accurate RP-HPLC method has been developed for estimation of newer Anti-anginal drugs Metoprolol and Ranolazine through single as well as simultaneous estimation. HPLC instrumentation used was AGILENT (1100), CHEMSTATION software, column used was PRIMESIL (C18, 4.6 × 250 mm length, 5µm). Mobile phase used was Methanol: 0.05% and 0. 1% OPA Water (40:60, 50:50 and 45:55) at flow rate of 0.7 ml/min and 1.0 ml/min wavelength was selected at 224nm, 225nm and 230nm. The recovery studies of the method gave good results in the range of 99.89% to 100.48% with less than 2% of RSD.

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