Spectrophotometric methods for estimation of simvastatin in bulk drug and its dosage form

Author(s): Archana SopanMore, BhushanMurlidhar Firake, Sandip Dinkar Firke

Simple, accurate, precise, sensitive and selective spectrophotometric methods were developed for the estimation of simvastatin. The estimation of simvastatinwas carried out by various solvents like ethanol (method I) at 238 nm, methanol (method II) at 235.8 nm. And these methods were found to be linear in the range of 5-30ìg/ml and 2-10 ìg/ml of simvastatin for method I and II, respectively. The percent amounts of simvastatin estimated by method I and method II were found to be 99.12% and 98.94, respectively. The developedmethod was validated according to ICH guidelines and it found to be accurate and precise. Thus the proposed method can be successfully applied for simultaneous determination of simvastatin and in routine analysis work.

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