Spectrophotometric estimation of cefadroxil in the pharmaceutical formulations

Author(s): A.Bhanu Prasad, Pasham Venkteshwalu, Bhoosani Gouthami

Asimple, accurate and economical procedure for estimation of Cefadroxil in pharma ceutical formulation has been devolped. In this method, the Cefadroxil was brominated with bromate –bromide mixture under strong acidic condition. After bromination, the excess brominating mixture (bromate –bromide) was reacted with potassium iodide to produce stable yellowcolor ofKI3 complex. The absorbance of the yellowcolorwasmeasured at 350 nmagainst distilled water as blank. There is no interference fromany common pharmaceutical additives. The proposed method is simple, sensitive and economical for the estimation of the in bulk drug and pharmaceutical formulations.

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