Spectrophotometric determination of chromium(III) with isatin in the presence of surfactant

Author(s): KhalidAbdel-SalamM.Attia, NasrM.El-Abasawy, AhmedM.Abdelraoof

FiveSimple, rapid, sensitive, accurate and precise stability-indicating spectrophotometric methodswere developed for the determination of Etilefrinehydrochloride (ETF)in bulk powder and in pharmaceutical preparation. Method (A) Ratio derivative method(1DD),Method (B) Ratio difference method, Method (C)Mean centering method, Method (D) Dual wavelength method and Method (E)Area under the curve (AUC). These methodswere used for the determination of Etilefrine hydrochloride in binary mixture with (chlorophenermine maleate)(CPM). These methodswere validated and successfully applied to the determination of Balkis®capsule with an average percent recovery ± RSD% of 100.26±0.622 for method (A), 99.73 ± 0.583 for method (B), 99.15 ± 0.670 for method (C), 99.63 ± 0.862 for method (D) and 99.41 ± 1.225 for method (E). The obtained results werestatistically compared with those of the reported method by applying t-test and F-test at 95% confidence level and no significant difference was observed regarding accuracy and precision.

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