Spectrophotometric and conductometric determination of tramadol hydrochloride

Author(s): Mervat M.Hosny, Sara M.Anis Abdulwahab, Hisham E.Abdellatef, Mohamed N.El-Balkiny

Six simple and sensitive spectroscopic and conductometric procedures (AF) were developed for the determination of tramadol hydrochloride.Method A, B and C are based on the reaction of cobalt (II) thiocyanate with tramadol to formstable ternary complex, which could be measured by spectrophotometric (methodA), atomic absorption (methodB) or conductometric (method C) procedures.Method (D and E) depended on the reaction ofmolybdenum thiocyanate with tramadol to form stable ternary complex, measured by spectrophotometric means (method D), or by atomic absorption procedures (method E),whilemethod F depends on the formation of an ion pair complex between the studied drug and bromothymol blue which is extractable into methylene chloride, Tramadol hydrochloride could be assayed in the range of 80-560 ìg ml-1, 40-220 ìg ml-1, 1-15mg, 2.5-22.5 ìg ml-1, 1.25-11.25 ìg ml-1 and 5-22 ìg ml-1 using methods A, B, C, D, E and F respectively. Various experimental conditions were studied. The results obtained showed good recoveries. The proposed procedureswere applied successfully to the analysis of tramadol in its pharmaceutical preparations and the results were favorably comparable with the officialmethod.

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