Species composition and utilization patterns of mangrove in the district of jailolo west halmahera province of north mollucas, indonesia

Author(s): A.R.Tolangara, D.C.Aloysius

The purpose of this study was to determine the species composition of mangrove forest and the pattern ofmangrove wood utilization by fishermen communities in the coastal areas of Jailolo District, West Halmahera. The data collection had been carried out by observation and interviews. Data analysis of the interview technique had been carried out by the percentage technique, while data analysis of mangrove forest observation had been carried out based on the parameter of vegetation density, dominance, frequency, and importance value index (IVI). Research result showed that composition of mangrove forest of this area consists of: Rhizophora apiculata (IVI = 7.9), Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (IVI= 5,2), Xylocarpus moluccensis (IVI = 1,9), Osbornia octodonta (IVI = 3,7), Sonneratia caseolaris (IVI = 24.5), Avicennia lanata (IVI = 36.4), and Finlaysonia maritime (IVI = 20.4). The utilization patterns of those species will be described further. The species of mangrove forest most widely used as firewood are R. apiculata, while used as a building and house materials, and as poles at the ports are B. gymnorrhiza, as well as being used for boat constructing are X. moluccensis and O. octodonta. Based on IVI above, it is necessary to conduct conservation of the mangrove forest soonly.

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