Simultaneous RP HPLC determination of camylofin dihydrochloride and nimusulide in pharmaceutical preparations

Author(s): R.R.Singh, M.V.Rathnam

A simple, fast and precise reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographic method has been developed for the simultaneous determination of Camylofin dihydrochloride and Nimusulide usingMethylparaben as an internal standard. Efficient chromatographic separation was achieved on Inertsil C18 column (250mm4.6 mm, 5 µm) as stationary phase with a mobile phase comprising of Buffer solution pH 3.2 :Methanol (40:60,v/v) at a flowrate of 1.5mLmin-1 , column temperature of 30°C and UV detection at 220 nm. The retention time ofMethylparaben, Camylofin dihydrochloride and Nimusulide were about 4.2min, 6.6 min and 10.7min respectively. The proposed method was validated for linearity, accuracy, precision, sensitivity, robustness and solution stability. Linearity, accuracy and precisionwere found to be acceptable over the ranges of 250-750 µg mL-1 for Nimusulide and 125-375µg mL-1 for Camylofin dihydrochloride. The test solution was found to be stable for 48 h. It can be conveniently adopted for routine quality control analysis.

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