Simultaneous determination of the colorants in foodstuff sample by uv-spectrophotometry and potentiometry using partial least squares method

Author(s): Güzide Pekcan Ertoku, Hakan A.Akta

Two methods are recommended for the simultaneous determination of tthese colorants in foodstuff. The mixtures of food colorants, containing tartrazine, sunset yellow, allura red and caramel were simultaneously analyzed with spectrophotometry without previous chemical separation. The data aquired from experiments were processed by one of chemometric approaches with partial least squares (PLS) using the absorbance and potentiometric data. The linear relationship between the volumes of titrant and the concentrations of analytes was obtained by chemometric methods. The designed model was the used to predict the concentrations of components in unknown sample. In the next step, PLS method, commercial beverage sample caramel, allura red, tartrazine and sunset yellowquantity determinations were performed at the same time. PLS calculated from experimental data, calibration methods, a good fit between the observed and the results were compared statistically.

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