Simultaneous determination of rosmarinic acid and ferrulic acid by high performance liquid chromatography

Author(s): Kothathi Puttaiah, Mysore Shivanna Nitin,Holalu RajannaHarshan, SujayKumar,Yedugani Lingam

A simple, rapidisocratic and sensitive high performance liquid chromatographic method with reverse-phase column for the simultaneous determination of Rosemarinic acid and Ferrulic acid developed.An ODS column(100mmx4.6mm ID,3µ)was used as the stationary phase and the mobile phase consist of ammonium hydrogen phosphate solution with pH-3.0±0.1& Acetonitrile(8:3). Flow rate 1.0ml/min ands UV absorbance was set at 320 nm. We found the linear curve 0.1-200 µg/ml for Rosemarinic acid and Ferrulic acid with goodresolution between two peaks. The Average recovery of Rosemarinic acid is 99.2%& 98.6% for ferrulic acid. The results for all compounds also showed good solutionstability up to 48hrs.. The Assay method was successfully applied to the determination of Rosemarinic acid content in rosemary leaves as well as extract. This method can be said to be more economical & rapid as compared to other methods reported in literature.

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