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Simultaneous determination of pamabrom and paracetamol in bulk powders and womankit® tablets using spectrophotometric and chemometric-assisted spectrophotometric methods

Author(s): Hesham Salem, Dalia Mohamed

Fivemethodswere developed for simultaneous determination of pamabrom and paracetamol without previous separation. In the first and second methods pamabrom and paracetamol were determined using second and third derivative UV spectrophotometry with zero crossing measurement at 301 and 265 nm for second derivative method and at 290 and 257 nm for third derivative method, for pamabromand paracetamol, respectively. The third method depends on first derivative of the ratios spectra by measurements of the amplitudes at 271 nmfor pamabromand at 258 nm for paracetamol. The fourth one depends on two wavelength measurement for the total content of the two drugs at 222 and 265 nm, while the content of paracetamol was determined by measuring the absolute value of the first derivative curve at 243 nm. The fifth method describes the use of multivariate spectrophotometric calibration for the simultaneous determination of the analyzed binarymixture where the resolution is accomplished by using classical least squares regression analysis. All the proposed methods were extensively validated and the results obtained were statistically analyzed and compared with those obtained by official methods. The results obtained were statistically analyzed and proved to be precise and accurate.

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