Simple and sensitive solid phase spectrophotometric batch procedure for boron determination in botanical samples

Author(s): Silvia Carlota Rodríguez, Cesar Hamilton Romero, Roberto Gerardo Pellerano, Hugo Arnoldo Acevedoand, Francisco Antonio Vazquez

A solid phase spectrophotometric batch procedure for boron in botanical samples has been developed. Boron (from borate ion) was complex with quinalizarin reactive that form coloured specie. The absorbance of the complex fixed on silica gel resin, was measured directly at 560 and 800 nm after packing the gel beads in a 1-mmcell. Using a sample volume of 50 ml, the calibration graph was linear over the range 10.0–100.0 ìg l-1 with a R.S.D. of 2.75 % (n=8). The method was applied to the determination of boron in botanical samples and was corroborated by standard addition.

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