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Sensitive spectrophotometric methods for microdetermination of dothiepin hydrochloride in pure form, pharmaceuticals and human urine and blood

Author(s): EmamA.Ali, Ahmed.M.Adawy, Mohamed.F.El-Shahat, AlaaS.Amin

Three new, rapid sensitive, economical and simple spectrophotometric methods (A-C) have been developed for the micro determination of dothiepin hydrochloride (DOT) in bulk samples, dosage forms and in postmortem urine and blood samples. The methods are based on the on the reaction between (DOT) and three acidic (sulphonphthalein)) dyes; namely phenol red (PhR),cresol red(CR) and metanil yellow (MY) producing of a yellow colored ion-associates followed by their extraction with methylene chloride and measured at 396 nm,394 nm and 408 nm respectively. After optimization, Beer’s law was obeyed in the concentration ranges 6.3-56.47 µg/mL, 3.16-41.42 µg/mL, and 3.12-28.18 µg/mL for methods A, B and C respectively. The molar absorptivityand Sandell sensitivity of the reaction produts were calculated. The results are well compared to those obtained by official method using students t-and F tests.

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