Remediation of soil contaminated by atrazine, using delivery vehicle of â-cyclodextrin/SDS (beta-cyclodextrin/sodium dodecyl sulfate) into deep soil, and mineralization of the atrazine present in the eluates by oxidative iron powder technology

Author(s): Jamil Rima, Karine Assaker, Abdul Halim Mouneimne

Mixture of â- cyclodextrine and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) was used to enhance the desorption of atrazine from the soil. The effectiveness of atrazine transfer from the soils to the solution reaches 98% with the combination of â-cyclodextrinwith SDS. The mineralization of atrazine was carried out by its reaction with hydroxyl free radicals generated from zero valent iron powder by oxidative reaction. The complexation of atrazine with â- cyclodextrin indicates a 1:1 stoichiometric ratio for the binary inclusion complex between atrazine and ß-cyclodextrin with a formation constant K = 285 ± 15 M-1. Batch and columns studieswere conducted for the remediation of soil polluted by atrazine. These studies allowed the development of a delivery vehicle for iron particles using aqueous ß-cyclodextrin/SDS solutions. The oxidation reaction of atrazine was carried out by iron particles under appropriate conditions with a nearly 99%removal at pH6.More than 97%of atrazine disappeared during 30 minutes of treatment. The evolution of atrazine degradation was monitored by, HPLC, TOC meter and UVVis spectroscopy.

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