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Refractometric Determination for Hydrogen Peroxide in Aqueous Solution-A Green Alternate to Iodometric Method

Author(s): Vijendra Kumar*, Sreelekshmi KR, Shikha KT, Ancy Smitha Alex, Praveen Kumar Solasa

 Hydrogen peroxide has important applications in space arena such as initiator for the synthesis of Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene (a workhorse propellant binder), and monopropellant or oxidizer component of a bipropellant rocket. As a green monopropellant hydrogen peroxide (70-98%), offers the advantage of decomposing into steam and oxygen. In order to achieve higher concentration of H2O2 for its application as a rocket fuel, enrichment from the commercially available 50% solution to as high as 98% by vacuum distillation is essential.  During the concentration process, to estimate the concentration of H2O2 at various stages of vacuum distillation, a more reliable physical method is desirable besides an established chemical iodometric method of analysis. A fast, reliable and greener physical method based on the refractometric measurements has been evolved. The acquired results were compared with H2O2 content evaluated with standard chemical iodometric method.  The refractometric method allows the determination of concentration of hydrogen peroxide with relatively faster speed without compromising on accuracy, precision of analytical results and environmental safety.

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