Reduction of environmental pollution load by treatment of paper industry effluent using white rot fungi

Author(s): Rajendrabhai D.Vasait

The work was undertaken to reduce environmental pollution load by treating the effluent frompaper industrywithwhite rot fungi. The white rot fungi (Sporotrichum pulverulentum and isolated strain) have been found to utilize the paper industry effluent and degrade environmental pollutants into simpler substances. The bioprocessing of effluent was done under different atmospheric conditions i.e. active aeration, passive aeration, sterilization, no sterilization and at different pH. This has given an idea of comparative study. The paper industry effluent mainly comes from the bleaching stages of pulp and after chemical bleaching contains various toxic and mutagenic environmental pollutants. In this research work such polluted effluents were treated before releasing it to environment by white rot fungi which have ability to degrade the toxic and pollutant chemicals present in effluent. Finally there was significant reduction in TDS, BOD andCOD than initial values.

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