Radon measurements using lr-115 plastic track detectors

Author(s): L.A.Sathish, K.Nagaraja, S.Shoba, H.C. Ramanna, V.Nagesh, S.Sundareshan, T.V.Ramachandran

Radon concentrations were measured using LR-115 plastic track detectors in some of the dwellings ofBangalore, India. The levels of radon concentrations are relatively high in poor ventilated houses than in well ventilated houses in all the selected areas. The arithmetic mean with standard deviation of the 222Rn concentrations in Malleshwarum, Sheshadripurum, Jayanagar and Srirampurumare 58.46  2.92, 53.57 2.67, 39.43 1.97 and 48.59  2.42 Bq m-3 respectively. The higher concentration of 222Rn is observed in Sheshadripurumand lower concentration of 39.43Bq m-3 was observed for Jayanagar. This paper presents the preliminary results of the work.

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