Quantum Confinement Effects on Absorption Spectrum Line Broadening of CdSe Artificial Atoms

Author(s): Batal MA and Al Yamani K

Multi layers CdSe artificial atoms system was prepared using spin coating method. Using Williamson-Hall method, which is based on X-ray diffraction (XRD) broadening line profile, structural parameters of fluorine-doped-SnO2/CdSe (FTO/CdSe) system were calculated. The XRD spectrum reveals that CdSe nanoparticles have hexagonal structure, have high strain, show deposition layer, with more stress and strain (Crystallite size (6.16 Å), lattice constant C (7.16 Å), effective strain (0.7377) between the nano crystals and dislocation (irregular) [26.443 × 1020 (lin.m-2)] were determined), which was later confirmed by analysis absorption spectrum broadening method. By performing fitting between experimental and theoretical absorption using Gaussian profile and Doppler broadening line, different electronic transitions were deduced and other broadening curve were studied such as effect of particle size on artificial atoms. With performing more accurate fitting, results reveal existence of two intensities lines attributed to diffusion layer between FTO and CdSe artificial atoms.

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