Quantitative estimation of rifapentine using UV-spectrophotometry- Area under curve technique in bulk and tablets

Author(s): C.Dhondge Amol, P.Dahivelkar Prasad

Asimple, precise and economical UV-Spectrophotometricmethod has been established for the quantification of Rifapentine in bulk drug and tablets. In this method Area under Curve (AUC) was integrated in the wavelength range of 307 -350 nm. Rifapentine obeyed linearity in the concentration range of 4 - 24 µg/mL with r2> 0.9994. Calibration curves were constructed using instrument response between chosen wavelengths and concentrations of analyte in the solution. The proposed method was effectively executed for the quantitative estimation of Rifapentine in in-house prepared tablets and % amount of Rifapentine was found to be 98.94%. The proposed method was validated for precision, accuracy and ruggedness as per ICH Guidelines7.

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