Quantitative analysis of cefadroxil in presence of its degradation product by various spectrophotometric techniques.

Author(s): Khalid A.M.Attia, Mohammed W.I.Nassar, Ahmad A.Mohamad, Ahmed H.Abdel-monem

Simple,Accurate, selective and sensitive spectrophotometricmethods have been developed and validated for determination of cefadroxil in presence of its alkaline degradation product without preliminary separation. These methods include area under the curve method (AUC), Q-Analysis method (QA), ratio derivative method, Ratio difference method and Mean centering method. These methods were validated and successfully applied to the determination of Duricef® 500mg capsule. The obtained results were statistically compared with those of the reported method by applying ttest and F-test at 95% confidence level and no significant difference was observed regarding accuracy and precision.

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