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Preparation of Series of Heteropoly Complex’s Containing Ce4+ and Al3+ Cations with Isopoly Molybdate, Vanadate, Tungstate

Author(s): Ranjeeta S, Alok Kumar T, Nalini Kant R and Rajesh Kumar

The series of heteropoly complexes were prepared by conventional reflux method in the water bath separately by taking Isopoly anions of Mo, V, W. All the products isolated were crystalline in nature appeared as dark yellow products. The chemical as well as physical methods were applied to characterize all the three isolated products the chemical analysis suggests the ionic nature of complexes since the complexes were dissolved in warm water. The inorganic wet analysis suggests ionic nature of sodium as its cation in association with complexes. The IR analysis applied for identification of group frequencies also suggests the ionic nature of sodium for the isolated complexes in solid state. The thermal analysis involving DTA and TGA support the stability of complexes in the atmosphere due to the presence of large no of water of hydration. The magnetic susceptibility analysis supports the paramagnetic nature of all the isolated series of products containing Al3+ and Ce4+ hetero cation. The structure of the heteropoly complexes synthesised may be suggested as Anderson’s structure. The study of elemental analysis and molecular weight determination as well as chemical and physical analysis of the products, the following formula based on the IUPAC system may be proposed as: 1. Na2 (Al2CeMo7O27) 150H2O (sodium-7-molybdo-1-cirate-2 aluminate hydrate) 2. Na2 (Al2CeV4O16) 72H2O (sodium-4 -vanado-1-cirate-2 aluminate hydrate) 3. Na4 (Al2CeW4O19) 177H2O (sodium-4-tungstato-1-citrate-2-aluminate hydrate)

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