Performance comparison between monolithic C18 and conventional C18 particle- packed columns in the liquid chromatographic determination of ibuprofen in presence of its degradation products

Author(s): E.A.Abdullah, Maha A.Hegazy, M.Abdelkawy, A.E.El Gindy, A.Ashour

A rapid, sensitive and reproducible HPLCmethod using C18monolithic and conventional column was developed and validated for the analysis of Ibuprofen and its degradates including; acid degradate, oxidative and thermal degradates. Chromatographic separation was achieved using a mixture ofmethanol: 0.05MPhosphate buffer (75:25 v/v) (pH=6.5) as amobile phase at a flowrate of 2.0ml/minwith fluorescence detection at ëex = 224 nm and ëem = 290 nm on the monolithic column and flow rate 1.0 ml/min on conventional column. Calibration curves were obtained in the concentration range of 0.25-0.55 ìg/ml on both monolithic and conventional column. Limit of quantitation (LOQ) = 0.00017 ìg/ml and 0.0025 ìg/ml for monolithic and conventional column respectively. The intra-dayR.S.Ds and inter-dayRSDs were all less than 2.5 %. The total run was reduced by 30% by using C18 monolithic column. In conclusion, by this developed method, Ibuprofen and its degradates can be determined rapidlywith good precision and accuracy in pharmaceuticals.

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