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Paper Mill Pollutants Reduction-Azolla pinnata

Author(s): Sivakumar D, Shankar D, Durai Arasu T and Ragothaman VM

In this present study, Azolla pinnata an aquatic plant was used to remove pollutants from effluent of paper mill. The constructed wetland study was conducted against dilution ratio, pH, and biomass of Azolla pinnata. The maximum percentage removal was found at the optimum dilution ratio of 6, pH of 8 and biomass 400 g for various parameters from the effluent of paper mill. The maximum removal percentage of 84.3%, 90.6% and 82.6% respectively for TDS, BOD, and COD from the effluent of paper mill. This study concluded that Azolla pinnata was successfully used for eradicating all properties from the effluent of paper mill.

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