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Palynology: A Minuscule Marvel for Environment and Mankind

Author(s): Pramada Sharan

Pollen has always been a ubiquitous and interesting subject because of their diversity in terms of shape; size and most importantly function as a pollinating agent. However, the role of pollen is not only limited to the process of pollination. Honeybees which are instrumental in the process of pollination because they not only contribute to bring about 80% of pollination process but its extract such as bee pollen is also used commercially in the field of cosmetics, health which is of great importance to mankind. Palynology which is the study of external morphological features of mature pollen grain has become an important discipline of fundamental and applied science. In the recent times pollen has proved its metal in various fields such as forensic science and criminology, paleobotany, aeropalynology etc which has effectively proved the fact that it is indeed a microscopic wonder for mankind and nature.

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