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New Active Bisphosphonate (Etidronate) Complexes as Anticancer Agents

Author(s): Fathy AA1, Butler IS2, Elrahman MA3 and Mostafa SI1

Bisphosphonates (Bps; have P-C-P moieties) are drugs that slow down or prevent bone loss. They inhibit osteoclasts, responsible for bone resorption, and allow osteoblasts, bone building cells, to be more effective; i.e., improve bone mass. Moreover, Bps are considered as anticancer drugs that cause bone damage. New complexes of etidronate disodium (Na2Etd) with Pd (II) and Pt (II) were synthesized and characterized based on elemental analysis, molar conductivity, thermal and spectral (IR, NMR, UV-visible, mass) measurements. Their anticancer activity was tested against human prostate (DU 145) and breast (MDA-MB231) cancer cell lines compared to Cisplatin, the market drug.

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