Modified membrane sensors applied for determination of cetrizine in presence of its degradation product

Author(s): Khalid A.Attia, Nasr M.El-Abasawy, Mohamed M.Shahin

The construction and electrochemical response characteristics of modified PVC, coated graphite and modified carbon paste electrodes were described. The cited electrodes used for determination of cetirizine hydrochloride (CTZ) in presence of its oxidative degradation product were based on the use of ion-association complex of the cetirizinium cation (CTZ+) with phosphotungestic acid (PTA). It reveals a fast, stable and linear response for (CTZ) over the concentration ranges 5x10-5 - 1x10-2, 5x10-5 - 1x10- 2and 1x10-5 - 1x10-2with slopes of 59.68, 56.03 and 61.6mV/decade-1 respectively. The proposed electrodes were fully characterized in terms of ion pair contents, plasticizer type, response time, life span, pH and temperature. The performance characteristics, sensitivity and selectivity of these electrodes were evaluated according to IUPAC recommendations.

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