Micro-determination of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor drugs benazepril,moexipril and quinapril hydrochlorides in pharmaceutical formulations using atomic absorption and atomic emission spectrometry

Author(s): Sabry Khalil Mohamed

Ion - associate complexes of benazepril; (Bp), moexipril;(Mp) and quinapril;(Qp) hydrochlorides with [Mn (SCN)4]2- and [Zn (SCN)4]2- were precipitated and the excess unreacted manganese or zinc complex was determined. Anewmethod using atomic emission and atomic absorption spectrometry for the determination of the above drugs in pure solutions and in pharmaceutical preparations is given. The drugs can be determined by the affortmethod in the ranges 0.73 - 82.89, 085 - 96.39 and 0.75 - 8541 ìgmL-1 solutions of Bp, Mp and Qp, respectively.

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